About us

Hello Stranger.

Welcome to February. The month has come and gone but it's perfect imperfection is always here to stay.

February is the only month of the year that is imperfectly short, but once every four years, it surprises us with an extra day. On February- we might expect love for Valentines, or loneliness for Singles Awareness Day. In some places we expect harsh winters, and for others on the opposite side of the world- warm summers. In short- we never really know what to expect on February. And that's the beauty of it. It's a mystery we are always moving to experience. It's unpredictable, spontaneous and imperfect.

So take home a bit of that quirky unexpectedness with our handcrafted products. They're designed at my best travels, made of the softest Egyptian Leather and strongest Japanese Straw, and assembled by local artisans in the tropical island of Cebu, Philippines. Dare to be your best self- no matter how weird that might be. Because with February, that's perfect. 

-Kryz Uy, Founder